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Still Mobile During Covid-19

Dr John Thearle spent decades teaching and practicing medicine. He’s also a polio survivor from the 1940’s. But the disease didn’t quite go away, as …


Contactless Sales and Service

During this unprecedented crisis, we are still here to help you buy a scooter or have your scooter serviced, all remotely and without any physical contact with our staff. And by disinfecting our products before delivery, you can be confident we will keep you safe from infection.


Coronavirus Update: All stores open! Masks now available

In light of the coronavirus crisis, Scooters Australia is implementing measures in line with WHO recommendations, to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.


Batteries Explained

A crucial component of a mobility scooter is its battery. The battery determines how far you can go in between charges, and the quality of the battery also determines its lifespan – how long it’ll last before you have to replace it.


Mobility Scooter Finance – How to Get it and How Much You Can Save

Brand new mobility scooters come with a price tag. But there are ways to save money on them. Here are some of the ways that …

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NDIS Plans and Ongoing Costs – Don’t Forget Them

Joanne Mendes, Manager of the Scooters Australia Dandenong branch has been getting used to the NDIS and all its quirks. One issue pops up more than it should – people are forgetting to include ongoing costs in their NDIS plans, which has been coming back to bite them.


Jack Stays on His Feet

Jack’s family lives in the same area as Joanne, and his mum Carrie knew of her through a friend. Joanne took Jack’s baby photos. Over 7 years later, when Carrie and her husband had their second child Lorelei, they called on Joanne again.


Mobility Scooters and Online Shopping

Yes, clicking that big shiny Buy Button is exhilarating, cathartic, soothing, sometimes terrifying. But when it comes to mobility scooters and powerchairs, it’s a no-no.


Tesla – What’s the Difference?

The new Tesla mobility scooter takes its name from Nikola Tesla, the Serbian born inventor and physicist who made great strides in the area of …


Can I Get a Home Demonstration?

Having a home demonstration takes a lot of hassle out of trialling a new scooter or powerchair. Scooters Australia have been doing home demonstrations for over 25 years – it’s what most of our customers ask for when they ring us.


What Can I Use My Scooter For – We Asked You!

Recently we sent out a few feelers to ask some of our customers what exactly they use their scooters for. Who knows better than scooter users what their benefits are! Here are just a few that showcase what scooters do best.


Pushing the Way – How 2 Australians are Trekking Across Europe

A 250km pilgrimage across two countries would be enough to sate most people’s taste for adventure. But for Helen Smith and Lisa Edmonds, mere adventure might be an understatement – they’ll be making the trek entirely using manual wheelchairs. They’re using the trip to show other people with disabilities that adventure still awaits, and to highlight the absurdity of the situation that accessible bushwalks in Australia are often only 100m long. Scooters Australia talked to Helen about their upcoming trip.

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