Foldable Mobility Scooters | Australia

There are two types of small portable mobility scooters: Folding / Fold-Up scooters that fold in one piece, and collapsible scooters that pull apart into several pieces. Both have their advantages and suit different applications. Pack up in the boot of your car or take it on a plane. It’s so easy! Price range: $1890 – $5290.


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Pushing the Way – How 2 Australians are Trekking Across Europe

A 250km pilgrimage across two countries would be enough to sate most people’s taste for adventure. But for Helen Smith and Lisa Edmonds, mere adventure might be an understatement – they’ll be making the trek entirely using manual wheelchairs. They’re using the trip to show other people with disabilities that adventure still awaits, and to highlight the absurdity of the situation that accessible bushwalks in Australia are often only 100m long. Scooters Australia talked to Helen about their upcoming trip.

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Can I Take My Scooter in the Boot of My Car?

Being able to fit a scooter in the boot of your car changes a lot. Instead of just using it to get around your neighbourhood, a portable mobility scooter opens up expeditions further afield. You just have to be able to get it in your car.

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