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The Luggie Scooters

Highly engineered, stylish “cool” design, lightweight robust construction, this innovative scooter is streets ahead of all the imitations in its class

No.1 Portable Travel Scooter

Price Range: $2990 - $6190

The Luggie is the top selling folding portable scooter in both the USA and Europe. It’s simply unbeatable in style, build and quality.

Designed as a collaboration between German and Taiwanese engineers, Freerider Corp pioneered the folding scooter concept that all others have tried to copy. And with all Luggies, the option of a half fold makes it much easier for loading into vehicles when lifting is a challenge for one person.

Highly engineered, stylish “cool” design, lightweight robust construction, unobtrusive, and world class quality, this innovative scooter is streets ahead of all the imitations in its class.

Great for travel within Australia either by plane or in the boot of your car. Take it anwyhere – it’s so easy! And with eight different models, there’s bound to be one just right for you.

WARNING: Some scooter sellers claim to sell the Luggie scooter but are not authorised dealers. A list of Authorised dealers is available HERE. Warranty will not be provided through non authorised dealers.

Fold, Pack, Travel - Easy as 1-2-3

Fold the Luggie with three easy actions: drop the seat down; collapse the tiller; unclip the chassis to fold up. Nothing could be easier.

Pull the Luggie like a travel case, or pack it in its own travel bag on wheels. Take it on a cruise, on a plane, or in a car and you’re ready to see the world! 

Browse our models below and buy online, or get in touch to make an enquiry. 

Fold in Seconds

Luggie Scooters 9

Getting it into a Car

Luggie Scooters 10

Assembling a Luggie

Luggie Scooters 11


Luggie Scooters 12

Jack Stays on His Feet

Jack’s family lives in the same area as Joanne, and his mum Carrie knew of her through a friend. Joanne took Jack’s baby photos. Over 7 years later, when Carrie and her husband had their second child Lorelei, they called on Joanne again.

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Luggie Scooters 13

“Poppy, Are You Ready Yet?”

Buying a mobility scooter has been a journey in itself. An emotional journey, a realisation that one has moved into another phase of life, the fear of the downward spiral, the reluctance to be defined by disability, an image problem one could say. It was a long and painful journey of approach and retreat.

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