Sam swaps to Luggie from pull-apart

Sam and his carer were having difficulties pulling his portable scooter apart. The seat was heavy and awkward, there were five pieces to put in the boot, and it was all just getting too hard. But Sam still wanted a scooter he could take with him in the car. That's where the Luggie came in.

Sam with his new Luggie and the pull-apart he left behind.


Sam lives in Sydney. He’s getting on a bit and has been using a pull-apart mobility scooter for a while. The problem is it needs pulling apart! That’s not so easy for Sam’s carer, especially lifting the seat off the seat post, which is quite heavy and awkward.

So Sam recently swapped his pull-apart for a Luggie. The Luggie is a folding scooter and doesn’t need to be pulled to bits into five or so pieces.

Now while the Luggie is heavier to lift in one piece, it can also be half folded and levered into the boot of Sam’s car. – like this. That makes it a lot easier and lighter than having to lift the whole scooter.

And that’s another reason why the Luggie is superior to most of the other folding scooters on the market – they can’t be half folded, which means you have to be able to lift the whole scooter into the boot – usually over 20 kgs.

And compared to automatic folding scooters, the Luggie has a lot fewer moving parts to go wrong or add weight to the scooter. And auto scooters have to be fully lifted – there’s no half fold option – and they’re heavier.

Check out these pictures to see the difference in complexity between an auto fold (left) and a Luggie. The additional motor and electronics are indicated. Notice all the extra wiring that is vulnerable to wear and tear.

                 Sam swaps to Luggie from pull-apart 1               Sam swaps to Luggie from pull-apart 2


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