Maxine’s Happy Rant

My name’s Maxine. I live in a large county town.

I had so many years of being told by OTs and Doctors, using a scooter is bad for you!! Those Doctors now are embarrassed when I come across them socially, as they can see what a difference it has made to my health and well being using scooters.

Actually, in  the first year, when I went to functions, where we had to sit in groups of 12 or so, some people objected to having to sit at a table with someone sitting on a scooter.  A few of those people, have now had knee and hip operations and are now hobbling around, unable to go any where without the assistance of others. Eventually you do not see these people out at social functions.  Which I feel is a pity their pride made them choose the wrong option to get around…

I have told my different acquaintances, that when they are told they are on a waiting list for a scooter by a Government department – Don’t wait, buy a three wheel second hand one yourself, as by the time you wait to be given one,  it might be too late to be of any use to you, especially when most Government ones are large cumbersome  four wheelers that you cant go into all the Supermarkets and  places you may  want to visit.  As long as the batteries are new the second hand scooter will generally work ok….

Using a scooter allows your muscles and limbs to get time to relax, while you are enjoying life. Struggling to walk if it is causing you body to stress, is not going to benefit any part of you.

Maxine has purchased several used scooters from Scooters Australia, all over the phone, and had them delivered to her home by courier. You can  read more about Maxine on our Facebook page. This is an edited version of her letters to us.

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