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Staying connected to the world with the Luggie

‘You need to be organised and determined to be a part of it’…..
Ray Kirkwood has spent his life ‘being a part of it’. He played 2nd grade football for Hawthorn, was secretary to a regional board of education, and ran a Travel Agency for a decade. After a diagnosis of MS, some things changed, but many stayed the same.


Can I Take My Scooter in the Boot of My Car?

Being able to fit a scooter in the boot of your car changes a lot. Instead of just using it to get around your neighbourhood, a portable mobility scooter opens up expeditions further afield. You just have to be able to get it in your car.


Can You Take a Scooter on a Plane? Just Ask Scott

Last month we had a chat with one of our more well-travelled customers, Scott Sanderson. Scott’s been to the Arctic circle, Hawaii, Japan, and South Africa, to name just a few.

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