Journalist Test His Luggie in Europe

Journalist Frank Smith travelled to Europe this year on his Luggie Elite, visiting Norway and Scotland. He took his Luggie on Qantas, Qatar and KLM and had plenty of experiences with airports.


Tesla – What’s the Difference?

The new Tesla mobility scooter takes its name from Nikola Tesla, the Serbian born inventor and physicist who made great strides in the area of …


Can I Get a Home Demonstration?

Having a home demonstration takes a lot of hassle out of trialling a new scooter or powerchair. Scooters Australia have been doing home demonstrations for over 25 years – it’s what most of our customers ask for when they ring us.


What Can I Use My Scooter For – We Asked You!

Recently we sent out a few feelers to ask some of our customers what exactly they use their scooters for. Who knows better than scooter users what their benefits are! Here are just a few that showcase what scooters do best.


Travel with a Luggie Folding Scooter

Two former professionals have found ways to travel all over the world despite their reduced mobility. Scott and Maureen are using sophisticated mobility devices to reach surprising places.


Mobility Scooters and Public Transport

Mobility Scooters can be used on buses, trains, and ferries, however there are restrictions on which ones. In practice, small scooters like the Luggie are suitable, whereas medium to large scooters are not. We’ll go in to the nitty gritty below.


Can I Take My Scooter in the Boot of My Car?

Being able to fit a scooter in the boot of your car changes a lot. Instead of just using it to get around your neighbourhood, a portable mobility scooter opens up expeditions further afield. You just have to be able to get it in your car.


Can You Take a Scooter on a Plane? Just Ask Scott

Last month we had a chat with one of our more well-travelled customers, Scott Sanderson. Scott’s been to the Arctic circle, Hawaii, Japan, and South Africa, to name just a few.


Maintaining Your Scooter

Everything good in life gets old. Including your mobility scooter. However there are ways to keep it footpath-worthy for longer than you might think. Here’s how you do it.


Is Your Energy Provider Ripping You Off?

A quick look at the Federal Government’s webpage Energy Made Easy tells you all you need to know: not all energy retailers were made equal.


OT Student Open Day

Sydney University invited Scooters Australia and Permobil to their 2nd-year student open day last month to learn more about scooters and powerchairs.


Used Scooters – How to Buy, Sell and Trade-In

From snagging a cheapie off Gumtree to making the most of that large scooter that doesn’t suit your life-style any more, getting the game right can make a big difference. This is a rundown of buying, selling, and trading in used scooters.

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