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Can I Get a Home Demonstration?

Mobility Scooter DemonstrationHaving a home demonstration takes a lot of hassle out of trialling a new scooter or powerchair. Scooters Australia have been doing home demonstrations for over 25 years – it’s what most of our customers ask for when they ring us. Asking an unknown person to come in to your home, who you think is going to try to sell you something can make some people apprehensive. But the reality is very different. We're a friendly bunch, and the opportunity to show someone a life-changing piece of equipment is a privilege that we don't abuse.
So what are the benefits of a home demonstration?

Trying out your scooter in the environment you'll be using it.
Many of our customers use their mobility products in their own neighbourhoods, backyards, and homes. A home demonstration then is the perfect way to see which one fits best. Got a steep driveway you want to make sure you can easily navigate? Want to make sure you can get powerpoint access for your scooter? Need to check doorway widths for your powerchair? These are some of the many issues that a home demonstration can solve. Getting a sense of how a scooter or powerchair feels in the environment you'll be using it can really help you make the right decision.

Mobility Scooter DemonstrationWe give on-site training
Scooters and powerchairs aren't that hard to use. However we do provide a short but comprehensive training course. This includes training on how to navigate any particularly problematic obstacles, driveways, footpaths, or crossings. While we do provide this same training at our showrooms, it is more effective when it takes place in your home or neighbourhood. We want to do our best to make sure you are comfortable and safe when using your scooter or powerchair.

You get to make us do the work
We have one showroom per city. If you're unlucky, this could mean a drive of an hour or more, if it's possible at all. That's why we have a fleet of vans happy to travel far and wide. We cover everywhere within the capital cities and beyond. Sometimes you might have to wait due to scheduling, but we'll always get to you as fast as possible. This removes the headache of you having to get to us.

How to arrange a home demonstration
That's the easy part. You can call 300 622 633 or fill out this form. We'll have a brief chat with you about your needs and preferences, and then we will bring out as many as 4 scooters or powerchairs for you to try. Hope to see you soon!