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Luggie portable powerchair

Luggie portable electric wheelchairThe Game Changer in powerchairs!

Here is the latest high tech innovation from the Luggie stable – the highly engineered Luggie portable electric wheelchair. The sleek and unique design makes it an ideal powerchair for any sort of travel, be it by plane, on a cruise, or just take it shopping with you in the boot of the car.

The superior high tech, innovative engineering makes it easy to use:  it’s highly manoeuvrable and it folds up with two simple actions that will take you less than 30 seconds.

And because it uses IATA approved Li-ion batteries, it’s a no hassle way to take it with you on your overseas trip or on a cruise.

All Luggie products are designed by a German / Taiwanese collaboration and reflect the most up-to-date technology and design in travel mobility. There is simply nothing else like it in the world at the moment, and any copies that inevitably will appear won’t be able to match the quality and innovation that comes out of the Luggie stable.

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Monarch Literider II

Monarch Literider II Power ChairThe easy pull-apart portable powerchair!

Entry level compact rear wheel drive pull apart electric wheelchair that can be easily collapsed for transport in the boot of a car. Battery slips out without need to unplug, seat lifts off, underseat basket lifts out, motor unclips. It's all too easy - just five pieces. Check it out rotating on the right box.

This powerchair is perfect for indoor use and around the house but is tough enough for moderate slopes outdoors - perfect for malls, retirement villages and many outdoor applications. With liftup armrests, it can be taken right up to a desk or table. And with a small footprint and a great turning circle, it's a must consider for those wanting a very low priced transportable powerchair.

Puncture proof tyres mean you can stow it in the boot and take it with you on holidays or trips to the shopping mall, without fear of getting a flat tyre. And because it doesn't have plastic panels to get scratched, it retains its resale value. It's a tough little powerchair!

With its plush padded seat, 50 amp electronics and two powerful motors, it is ideal for anyone up to 125 kgs who wants a budget priced electric wheelchair that will suit most requirements.

Now even more collapsible, the Literider II is quick and easy to pull apart, lift into the boot, and clip back together when you arrive at your destination. A great little portable electric wheelchair!


Powerchair Monarch Literider II Seat OffMonarch Literider II Powerchair Battery OutMonarch Literider II Powerchair 4 Pieces    

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Monarch GP650 Mid Drive

Monarch GP650 PowerchairHere's a terrific Mid Drive, mid sized electric wheelchair that's designed with an amazing suspension system that keeps all 6 wheels on the ground over any terrain, and at the same time provides a smooth and comfortable ride!

With its small footprint, easy-to-use controls, and 10" pneumatic drive tyres, it's ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and with a mid drive system it's very manoeuvrable in tight spots. It even boasts a swing-away joystick controller that lets you get close up to a desk or table, and a high back adjustable seat that is usually only available on more expensive units. Handles up to 135kg payload. Now available with 4 tie downs for secure transport and new contoured two tone seat for extra comfort (not illustrated). Colours: Red.

With all these added features and a jaw-dropping price, you know this powerchair is really worth a good look.

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Pride Go Chair

Pride Go Powerchair

Compact, foldable Pride electric wheelchair for inside use that is highly manoeuvrable and easy to use around the house or at the mall. Easily pulls apart for transport in the boot of the car. Comfortable seat, simple footplate, flip up arm rests, and small footprint make it ideal for those wanting a compact powerchair that can fit in most storage scenarios and manoeuvre around tight corners, especially in the home or village. Easy to use controls, simple battery charger operation, attractive design. Very popular micro powerchair from Pride Mobility.

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Merits Ezi-Go

Merits Ezi-Go Powerchair

Small and compact travel wheelchair from Merits with user friendly collapsibility. Good for indoor use, taking to the shopping mall in the boot, or limited outdoor use. Collapses easily in seconds for transport in the boot of the car with no need to undo any plugs or use any tools. Easy to control, powerful for its size, and a comfortable padded seat make it a good quality buy at the budget end of the market for an indoor / home use powerchair. Famous Merits attention to detail and quality.

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Pride R4

Pride R4 Electric Wheelchair Foldable Pride electric wheelchair for general use. Backrest folds down, batteries can be removed from the rear, and the chair collapsed like a manual chair. Fits into car boot for transport and is easily assembled. With large 12" drive tyres, anti tip wheels at the rear and solid front castors, this electric wheelchair is a good all-rounder for general outside and inside use. Features folding and height adjustable backrest, swingaway leg rests, height adjustable arm rests. Qualilty Pride product.

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Merits Maverick 10, 12, 14

Merits Maverick Electric Wheelchair

Superior mid drive range available with 10” to 14” wheel sizes for indoor or outdoor applications. Famous Merits contoured high back padded seat, high level of manoevrability from the mid drive motors, and all round suspension ensuring that all wheels stay on the ground not matter what the terrain. Comes with swing away joystick control as standard equipment. The larger 12" and 14" wheels give sure footed traction on uneven outdoor surfaces, but still enable some indoor use. The smaller Maverick 10 is an ideal indoor chair with some less demanding outdoor applications on firmer surfaces. These are very good "Off-the-shelf" powerchairs that will suit most applications. The high Merits quality are a guarantee of trouble free use. Also available in a rehab seat configuration.

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Pride Jazzy Select and Select XL

Powerchair Pride Jazzy Blue

Mid drive range with 18” or 20” seat and available with 10” or 14” wheel sizes. Comfortable high back padded seat, greater than normal manoevrability from the mid drive motors, and patented suspension make the chair easy to use in tricky terrain, expecially the XL version with 14” wheels. Pride Electric Wheelchairs pioneered the mid drive system and these powerchairs benefit from that experience. The special suspension enables the user to confidently tackle wheelchair ramps and more challenging obstacles. The well designed access for batteries, motors and electronics makes servicing that much easier, leading to lower down times. The more powerful XL series can handle up to 180kg (136kg for the standard Select). A good indoor / outdoor powerchair at a reasonable price.

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Pride Jet 3

Pride Jet 3 Powerchair

Compact mid-drive powerchair suitable for indoor use and some outdoor use. Highly manoeuvrable, comfortable upholstered high back swivel seat with flip up arm rests. Comes with footplate as standard or can be fitted with variety of leg rests. Will fit very tight corners and travels like a breeze in narrow passages. Built in charger. 

Colours: Red, Blue, Champagne.

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Pride J600 R

Pride J600R Powerchair

Strong outdoor / indoor mid-drive powerchair with plenty of speed and power to get to most places. Large diameter wheels provide the extra get up and go at a brisk walking pace. Full suspension give the unit a comfortable ride and the patented front suspension enables the J600 to cope with a large variety of terrains. High back chair, large batteries and a variety of leg rests and chair options make this powerchair a must for those wanting optimum performance and manoeuvrability. Handles up to 135 kg capacity. 

Colours: Red, Blue, Champagne

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Pride Jazzy Air

Jazzy Air Powerchair for NDISPride Jazzy Air NDIS compliant

Now here's a powerchair that is different - it can raise the driver up to the primary standing height position in seconds. It makes it so much easier for the driver to socialise with others at their height, enables greater access to infrastructure designed for normally abled people, and fosters greater independence and social confidence.

And it's NDIS compliant.

The Jazzy Air seat can be powered up 25 cm from its base height with a simple button, it has adjustable footplate design for both elevated and non elevated positions and a choice of different seats and adjustable angles for the armrests. And its mid-drive power train makes it very manoeuvrable in tight spots. 

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Pride and Merits Wheelchair Power Conversion Kits

Pride and Merits WheelChair Power Converter

Convert most manual wheelchairs to an electric wheelchair with the addition of the Power Electric Conversion Kit. This twin wheel motorised kit fits easily to most wheelchairs enabling a carer / attendant to walk behind and control the speed with a simple finger throttle so that the powerpack does all the hard work. With speeds up to 5.5 kph and a range of up to 16 km (depending on payload and terrain) there is more than enough capacity for most days out. Its light weight (13.5 kg including battery) makes it possible to carry it neatly in the travel bag and will give plenty of traction on loose gravel and wet grass. It takes the effort out of helping the client get around when it’s hilly, rough or just too much hard work for the carer.

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