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Scooters Australia stores carry a large range of mobility scooter spare parts, electric wheelchair batteries, and accessories for most makes of scooters and wheelchairs.

Phone your local store for advice on which parts or accessories best suit your circumstances.

We can also help you with mobility scooter battery and charger compatibility and give advice on wheelchair battery life and performance. 

We are experienced in servicing and repairing most brands of electric mobility products.

Call your local store to speak to a technician, and provided parts are available, we will be able to keep you mobile. 


We carry a large range of electric scooter and wheelchair batteries:

    • 6 amp hour - 85 amp hour
    • Gel,  Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), and Lithium-ion batteries.
    • Various terminal types.

Please consult your local dealer for the best batteries for your scooter and for compatibility issues with your charger.






Winter Battery Sale

Winter is often a tricky time for batteries, especially if they are getting close to their use-by date. Is your scooter or powerchair not performing as well as you want?

Maybe it’s time for a battery and charger check-up, now that winter is coming.  

Get a FREE rear bag with every set of new batteries, valued at $160.

And we’ll recycle your old batteries so they don’t go into landfill.

Ring us to arrange a home visit or organise a workshop appointment: 1300 622 633




Battery chargers must be selected to be compatible with batteries and vice versa. Mobility scooter batteries are very particular about the type of charger they need, so we carry a range of chargers suitable for all electric scooters and electric wheelchairs (see How Scooters Work for more information).




Rear Carry Bag

The best rear bags we have found are steel framed vinyl bags that are waterproof but strong, and fit to the rear of the seat. This enables the seat to be swivelled if needed and the bag to still be accessible. A velcro sealing cover keeps the contents secure and dry. Our rear bags (pictured right) come with an in-built walking cane holder. A flag can also be fitted. This tough bag will fit any scooter that takes a 25mm x 25mm accessory bracket on the rear of the seat. It has a much higher volume capacity than other bags selling for over $150. When ordering be aware that the product comes flat packed, ready for quick and easy assembly.

We can also supply a rear basket if that is what is required.

RRP: $139 
On-line: $129



Special Half Price Bags: We have a stock of rear bags made by Pride Mobility. They are overprinted with our old logo and we need to clear them asap. This bag, which has been superseded by our new bag on the left, sells for over $150 by other retailers (without a logo). Our price: $75 until stocks are cleared. Ring our stores in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth for more information, or just drop in a pick one up at this fantastic price.






We advise all scooter owners to fit a flag to their scooter. This is especially important for safety considerations when riding along footpaths past driveways where there is the chance for someone to reverse out of a driveway and not see a scooter because it is below the fence level. A flag sits at about the same height as a person standing, and is therefore more visible.







Storage Cover

We stock a very good storage cover that keeps the dust and rain off your scooter when you can't park it undercover. And if you are conscious of any security issues, a cover will keep your scooter out of sight.






Tyres to fit

We stock a large range of tyres to fit most mobility scooters and wheelchairs. We can fit tyres either on-site or in our workshops, or we can ship them to you at a reasonable freight rate.





Ramps can be used for moving a scooter in and out of a station wagon or van, for spanning steps, or for getting over small obstacles like sliding door tracks. We stock a range of fixed and portable ramps. Please ask your dealer to show you the best ramp for your needs. Note that the ramps shown here are illustrations only as most ramps are ordered to suit.











There are a range of canopies available to suit different scooter models. For the most part, standard canopies offer protection from sunlight and light rain. Full all weather canopies are also available for some limited models, some illustrated here.




















See a full range of Luggie accessories and buy on-line here