Mobility Scooters and Public Transport

Mobility Scooters can be used on buses, trains, and ferries, however there are restrictions on which ones. In practice, small scooters like the Luggie are suitable, whereas medium to large scooters are not. We'll go in to the nitty gritty below.

The Planning

Each state has its own website for public transport, and each has information on which routes and stops are accessible. Use them. Scooter access will not be possible every time, so always make sure.

Links to the Victoria websiteNSW websiteQLD WebsiteWA website, and SA website.

Once you’re at the bus or tram stop, train station, or wharf, remain visible so that the necessary personnel know you’re there and can prepare accordingly.

Train travel varies by state or by train type. In NSW, QLD and WA, access points on metropolitan train stations are marked with the accessibility symbol. Staff will provide a ramp. In Victoria, a driver at the front of the train will deploy the ramp. For regional travel, calling up in advance is strongly recommended. There are usually accessible toilets on board regional trains, although the trains themselves are less navigable than metropolitan trains. Checking-in large pieces of luggage is advised, which must be done 30 minutes in advance.

Money saver: People in Victoria can apply for a Scooter and Wheelchair Travel Pass. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can travel for free on public transport.

The Dimensions

All mobility aids have to fall within a certain size to be allowed on public transport. For trains, buses, Manly ferries (in Sydney), and lightrail, the dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 1300mm or less
  • Width: 800mm or less
  • Weight: 300kg maximum, including occupant, personal items and anyone required to assist on the boarding ramp.

For other ferries, the maximum allowed width is reduced to 740mm. For regional trains, this is reduced further to 700mm.

NOTE: Standards Australia have indicated that they are considering changing the dimensions allowable on public transport and this will make it much more difficult for people with scooters.

All Aboard

Your scooter needs to meet additional manoeuvrability and stability requirements.

  • In NSW, only three-wheeled scooters are allowed on trains and light rail.
  • Your scooter must be sufficiently stable. So long as your brakes are in working order, this will not be an issue
  • The scooter must be able to turn 180 degrees within a 2070mm by 1540mm area. This is so you can get in to the correct position while on board.

Choosing the Best Scooter

Well, it’s all good to talk about what scooters can be used on public transport, but which ones should you use?

Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Freerider Luggie
  • Monarch Hybrid
  • Monarch Buzz 3
  • Pride Go-Go

These scooters not only fit the dimensions guidelines, but are more manoeuvrable and lightweight. This makes everything simpler: from using lifts in train stations to finding the perfect spot on board a ferry.

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