Tesla – What’s the Difference?

The new Tesla™ mobility scooter takes its name from Nikola Tesla, the Serbian born inventor and physicist who made great strides in the area of electricity and electromagnetism.

The electric Tesla motor car currently being built in the USA and sold in Australia is also named after him. Scooters Australia trademarked the Tesla name in Australia well before the Tesla car was even thought about, but has given permission for Tesla Corp to use it in relation to their motor vehicles sold Australia.

Tesla - What's the Difference? 1

So what’s the difference between the electric Tesla mobility scooter and the electric Tesla car? About 140 kph and somewhere around $100,000+! And the colour – the Tesla scooter only comes in dazzling blue. They’re both battery-powered vehicles and both help with reducing global warming and fossil fuel use, as do all mobility scooters …. and Tesla motor cars!

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