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Large All Terrain Mobility Scooters & Hill Climbers

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Hill Climber Mobility Scooter



Large all terrain mobility scooters are designed for tough conditions – steep hills, big payloads, rough terrain.

The motors are powerful, the electronics are heavy duty, the suspension and wheels are designed for more challenging terrain.

If those are your requirements, we have the scooters!

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Price range: $4490 - $7990


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Monarch TESLA II


Monarch TESLA II Mobility ScooterPowerful, comfortable, refined. Now with Gyro Corner Speed Reduction (GCSR©)!

Packed with features, from its fully independent front suspension (not fake suspension), and rear coils, to the bright LED lighting kit, the extra padded contoured seat with height and angle adjust arm rests, full bumper bar protection even on the sides, and an upgraded motor with even more power, this scooter sits at the top of its class for value for money.

The ride is comfortable, the controls easy to use, and the stylish design makes the Tesla II a must see if you are after a large scooter with plenty of power. And now fitted with the latest gyroscopic technology in auto corner speed reduction to increase safety. With large 310 mm (12.5") tyres for those rougher paths, an easy adjust tiller handle, and a big 4 pole motor combined with 140 amp electronics, the Tesla is a top selling large hill climbing scooter really worth taking for a test drive, either at home or at one of our showrooms. And at under $5,000 it's a top price in this class, and even better if you twist our arm.

And if you’re still curious about the Tesla name, click here

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Monarch TESLA II Mobility ScooterMonarch TESLA IIMonarch TESLA II Mobility Scooter

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Pride Sportrider

Monarch Cruizer Hill Climber ScooterTwo Scooters in outbackEasy riding - with style

This unique mobility scooter has extra large wheels, suspension on front and rear, great seat, and plenty of power to take you almost anywhere. Full digital instrumentation in the motor bike style dashboard, strong headlight, easy to use controls and stacks of leg room for the taller person - this scooter is a great outdoor performer for anyone wanting a tough, large mobility scooter. Take a test drive now on this easyrider!

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Freerider FR1

Freerider FR1 Hill Climber Scooter Front ViewFreerider FR1 Hill Climber Scooter DashThe top-of-the-range heavy duty mobility scooter from the makers of the Luggie portable scooter. This well engineered powerhouse from Taiwanese makers Freerider is as tough as they get, yet stylish in its own way. High powered motor, strong and reliable all round suspension, including double wishbone front suspension, lens headlights, LED parkers and indicators, well contoured stitched seat, all make this a very special scooter for heavy use and big hills.

Freerider FR1 Hill Climber Scooter Suspension

Comes with the option of one or two front baskets, 75 a/h batteries coupled with an 8 amp charger, and a big 15cm ground clearance.

Freerider FR1 Front Lights

It’s the kind of scooter you choose when you need something well designed and engineered and ready for tougher than usual work but with a soft well sprung ride and a go-anywhere attitude. You get what you pay for with this scooter!

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"I tried 4 other scooters from other places in the same price range but none could do the hills without crawling. I love it". C.G., Perth. Read more here.


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Monarch Cruizer

Monarch Cruizer Hill Climber PowerchairHill climbing grunt when you need it.

A large, strong and powerful 4 wheel electric mobility scooter. Front and back bumpers, full suspension, contoured seat, 4 pole motor, 160 amp electronics, 220kg weight capacity, 60+ amp hour batteries, all add up to a very desirable scooter for the large person or for those wanting a scooter suitable for long distances or very hilly terrain.

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Monarch Royale

Monarch Royale Hill Climber Scooter

The Class leader in the “A” Class.

Absolute top-of-the-range premium grade luxury mobility scooter for the prestige buyer. Not only has this scooter more features than any other scooter on the market, it is built like no other scooter and with a stunning style all of its own. Super comfortable seat, soft all round independent suspension, large mag wheels, full function dashboard, and terrific styling. It even has turn indicators in the mirrors!

There is nothing else quite like this scooter. The concept was originally formulated by Scooters Australia and then developed and manufactured by Heartway, a major motorized scooter manufacturer in Taiwan.

Monarch Royale Hill Climber Scooter

The idea was to produce a stand out electric scooter that incorporated the most innovative technologies and design that was currently available in the motor industry.

The result is a refined yet robust electric scooter that has no equals.

For those that are after the ultimate in electric scooters, the Royale is the top of the A Class.

This top of the range Motorised Scooter is only available from Scooters Australia authorised dealers.

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Monarch Royale Hill Climber ScooterCreature Comforts:

  • Padded, sprung, plush contoured seat
  • Soft ride suspension on all wheels
  • Seat belt standard
  • Storage shelf on steering column
  • Front storage basked (3 wheel)
  • Twin mirrors with indicators
  • High ground clearance
  • Lockable rear box (optional)
  • Auto speed reduction on corners

Monarch Royale Hill Climber ScooterMechanical Features:

  • 10-15 kph programmable top speed
  • Fully independent suspension
  • Fully automatic regenerative brakes
  • Twin disk emergency brakes
  • 160 amp electronic controller
  • 4 pole 24 volt motor
  • 2 x 70 amp hour batteries
  • Indicator, head, tail, brake, parking lights
  • Alloy rims with tubeless tyres


Fully Featured Dashboard

The Royales have a fully featured dashboard, keeping the user in touch with all the information needed to drive this outstanding electric scooter. It even tells you the time and the "outside" temperature! And at night the display and switches are all backlit so you still can read them easily. The ultimate in style and sophistication.

NOW ON SPECIAL THROUGHOUT AUGUST - $1000 discount. $7990 down to $6990

Monarch Royale Dashboard






Monarch Royale Front Carry Shelf

Front carry shelf




Monarch Royale Indicators / RV Mirror

 Indicators / RV Mirror


Monarch Logo

Monarch Royale Rear Lights

Monarch Royale Rear Wheel


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Large heavy duty electric motorised all terrain mobility scooters, carts, buggies and gophers, for heavy carrying capacity, climbing hills and steep terrain. Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and regional towns throughout Australia.