What Can I Use My Scooter For – We Asked You!

Recently we sent out a few feelers to ask some of our customers what exactly they use their scooters for. Who knows better than scooter users what their benefits are! Here are just a few that showcase what scooters do best.

Ronda, Sydney.

I’m Ronda. I’ve been retired 5 years and have very serious arthritis. 2 years ago I decided to get a scooter so I could still get out and about in my neighbourhood. I use my Wrangler primarily for getting to the shops and back. It’s about a 5-minute trip each way, all on footpaths. I get served a coffee at a lovely local bakery, where the staff are very accommodating, helping me to a seat. After that I might browse in the book shop or library, leaving my scooter at the entrance and using my walking stick to get around. (The Wrangler has a clip that lets me attach it there while I’m driving).

On my way back I’ll take a slight detour to a small park, where I sit on my favourite bench in the sun.

There was even one time my grandson was playing soccer at a nearby oval and I rode out to meet him – otherwise my husband will drive us both there.

The scooter itself is medium to large size. I store it in my garage and charge it there overnight after I’ve used it. I think it’s a fairly normal scooter, but I haven’t owned another one so I don’t know. I’m very grateful to still go places so that it feels like I’m ‘walking’, instead of having to drive and find parking (my local shops have become much more built up lately, and parking there can be a 5 minute hassle).

Emily, Sydney

I use the Buzz 4 when I’m not in the mood for being pushed around on my wheelchair.

I use it at shopping centres, along the Manly esplanade, to the local café and back, and whenever me and my husband go further afield.

I take it around in the boot of the car. It can be a bit of effort assembling and disassembling it, but it is quite easy once you get used to it.

Richard, WA

I bought the Luggie after it was suggested to me by a friend, and it’s been an absolutely fantastic product. Originally I wanted it for a conference I was attending in Munich. I have trouble getting around, and I didn’t want to add the difficulties of a manual wheelchair to those of chaotic international travel. Everything went far smoother than expected. The airlines and airports had no issue with it, and it was perfect for short trips between my hotel and the conference venue.

Since returning over 2 years ago now, I have used it quite regularly, interchanging it with the electric wheelchair that I also purchased. (it’s easier to get in the car, and it goes a bit faster). I’m planning another international trip – this time a proper holiday – and the Luggie will be an essential part of it!

Evan, Melbourne

My name is Evan, I am 84 years old, and I own a hybrid scooter. The main thing it does is keep me from relying on the kids too much! I use it to get to the shops, the pharmacy, the doctors, and church. I can do this all on my own, as the scooter is able to take me right in to my garage, where I transfer to a walker. It’s kept me in my home for the last few years.

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