Is Your Energy Provider Ripping You Off?

A quick look at the Federal Government's webpage Energy Made Easy tells you all you need to know: not all energy retailers were made equal.

Consistently at the top of the rankings in NSW and Qld? Energy Locals. When we had a look at the energy bills for some of our stores, we found we could save as much as $300 a month by switching. It’s also with Energy Locals that Scooters Australia director Peter Fraser has decided to partner to help his local community energy project.

When he’s not arguing with Senator Williams about scooter speed limits, Peter does something else in his spare time. He has been at the helm of a community-owned project in the NSW town of Goulburn to build a 6000 panel solar farm. Energy for the community by the community. But he wanted a way for people to get involved without having to ask too much.

So what does this have to do with you?

By switching to Energy locals, you’ll both save money and help out a valuable community inititiave. Half the profits from all new customers from this promotion will go towards investment in Goulburn’s solar farm*. Simply use this link. It’s a very easy system to switch energy suppliers, and it’s available to both businesses and homes. (Note: Energy Locals are currently operating only in NSW and QLD, with more states to come.)

What does this have to do with mobility scooters? Nothing. But it does help our crotchety yet earnest Director with an important project for a small community. So why not give a hand and save money while you’re at it.

* Scooters Australia does not earn anything from this promotion.

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