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Everyday scooters are designed for those wanting a general purpose mobility scooter to get out and about without the need to pack it up and take travelling.

Able to tackle all but the toughest hills and payloads they are ideal for getting around the local area as a cheap, safe and convenient mode of transport.

And because scooters are electric, they’re good for the environment.

Price range: $2990 - $4690

GC 440
The Gatsby

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Monarch GC 440

Monarch GC 440Monarch GC 440Comfortable and stylish entry level mid size mobility scooter for general everyday trips.

We stock the Monarch GC440 because it’s a very economical mid size scooter. It’s easy to use, it’s comfortable, and has a good range and power for a mobility scooter in this class. It’s a standout performer in the USA for the Dept. of Veterans, being their only choice for the last five years. And we’re confident selling it because of its reliability. It's equipped with a soft low back swivel seat with flip up arm rests, an easy adjust tiller (no need to bend down and unscrew an adjustment knob) and front and rear lights for safety at night.

If you are looking for a sturdy comfortable mid size scooter, for use around the local footpaths, and at an entry level price, it's worth taking the GC440 for a good test drive.

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Monarch Zener

Monarch GC 440Monarch GC 440A stylish medium size everyday scooter that will handle most outdoor applications. The Zener is an upgraded version of the GC440, optioned with independent suspension (not fake suspension), and a fully contoured high back swivel seat with fully adjustable arm rests for angle and height. Front and rear lights make for safe riding in low light.

With good leg room, soft ride pneumatic tyres and easy to use controls, the Zener is a very reliable general purpose mobility scooter at a very reasonable price. This scooter has an easy adjust tiller handle so there's no need to bend forward and unscrew an anjusting knob. Twin rear vision mirrors and front basket come as standard.

With adjustable coil spring suspension, high back seat and a powerful motor, you can ride those hilly areas in the Zener with that extra bit of comfort and confidence. While this scooter would suite a mid size person looking for a good sturdy everyday scooter to get around the local area with the comfort of suspension, it can handle up to 160 kgs payload, subject to our recommendations here.

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Monarch Hybrid

The four wheeler with three wheel manoeuvrability.

Now here’s a unique electric mobility scooter in the Australian market – a four wheeler with the turning circle of a three wheeler, but with the stability of a four wheeler. It’s the only one in this mid size everyday class. And it’s got great leg room for the taller person. Now with mono-shock rear suspension, high back contoured seat, and pneumatic tyres for a soft and comfortable ride. It collapses easily for transport in the boot.

The Hybrid is a stylish scooter that takes a different approach to the issue of stability and manoeuvrability.

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Monarch Volta

Monarch VoltaClass leading suspension for smooth, comfortable driving in a very stylish but functional design.

The newest model from the Monarch stable. Independent suspension on both front axles (not fake suspension), and a mono shock absorber on the rear axle for a much smoother ride, comfortable fully adjustable contoured swivel seat with angle and height adjust arm rests, and plenty of power from its four pole motor and 120 amp electronics. It even has side bumpers as well as front and rear bumpers. This is a really great scooter for the price. And with a full LED lights kit, including flashers, it's safe to use in low light situations.

The Volta is a larger mid size scooter with bigger 300 mm (12") tyres, that caters for the everyday user who doesn’t need the size or power of a large hill-climbing scooter, but still needs something a little tougher and more powerful than the average mid size mobility scooter .... and at a great price.

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Monarch VoltaMonarch Volta

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Monarch Challenger 4


A quality mid size scooter with full suspension and a very comfortable contoured seat. The Challenger 4 has a long history of reliability and performance, and with its stylish design will appeal to those looking for a top-end mid size everyday mobility scooter.

With a 4 pole motor and powerful electronics, this scooter will perform well above similar scooters in its class. It has a full lights kit,  soft ride suspension on the rear, and a fully adjustable seat that has stood the test of time. If you are after a top quality mid size scooter you have to consider the Challenger.

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* Limited stocks of this model available, so if you want to twist the arm of your local store manager, now is the time.

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Monarch Wrangler




Merits Electric mobility scooterThe Wrangler fits in between the mid size everyday scooters and the Hill Climbers. It's not quite as big or powerful as the Large Scooters, but certainly more powerful than most of the mid size models. It comes from the same stable as the Challenger, so its seat and suspension are very similar. But it's larger and more powerful.

The Wrangler is a quality product in the top-end of the market. It has a four pole motor, larger 325 mm (13") tyres with a higher ground clearance. So it's right for the heavier person or hillier terrain who is after a top-of-the-range scooter in its class.

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The Gatsby

Gatsby  Mobility ScooterAnd now for something completely different - The Monarch Gatsby mobility scooter! 

What a great new idea from Swiss designers "Rehasys". This larger mid size scooter not only looks fantastic, it has the design features and quality to go with it. From large soft ride tyres, great suspension, reliable and powerful drive train, it even has a lockable bonnet to take that extra shopping under the hood. Equipped with the most up to date electric vehicle technology it's no "T" model, even though it looks the part! Be seen in this very stylish scooter with Swiss technology pedigree. 

It's a popular selling scooter because of it's unique appearance and style and will handle most terrains and payloads. So get in now by phoning your nearest store and make sure you get on the list for delivery this year. Available in red or black.

Here's an unsolicited comment from our Sydney store manager:

"It is a definite head turner and one we are proud to showcase. Its about getting out in the sunshine so why not do it in style. We have had such a huge response as there is nothing like it on the market. It is classy and comfy on a practical level with strong electronics that outdo many other scooters." 

Read what the ABC says here.   See specifications here.   Download brochure here.  Colours: Red, Black

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Gatsby scooter dashboard  Headlight ed s   Gatsby Mobility Scooter, RedGatsby badge s    Gatsby. video s    Gatsby mobility scooter


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