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Senator gets it wrong on scooter speed.

Scooter racingNational Party Senator Williams makes exaggerated claims about speed.

Yes - it's still dragging on! This time, Nationals senator John Williams is banging on about scooter safety because his wife was involved in an accident with a scooter. He is reported to have claimed that scooters can travel up to 35 kph and wants all mobility scooters (and presumably electric wheelchairs) restricted to a top speed of 6 kph. Australia already has the second lowest top speed in the world. Only highly regulated Japan has a slower top speed. Most European countries, the UK and the USA allow speeds up to 15 kph and don't have any serious safety issues in their countries - mostly because they have bothered to improve infrastructure for people with disabilities and have upgraded their footpaths - something that Senator Williams might like to consider for Australia.

All Senator Williams had to do was to ask his staff to check on the regulations his own government has passed to see that no scooter is allowed to be imported unless it has a maximum speed of 10 kph.

It's about time our state and federal governments did the right thing by people using scooters and spent some money on footpaths instead whining on about so-called safety issues with scooters. Mobility scooters are already the safest form of transport in the country.

Here's the updated ABC story with a comment from Mr Fraser, the ABC Video on our Facebook page, and the story in the Sydney Morning Herald, and our response here.

And here's what one of our customers wrote in a letter to Senator Williams, after seeing him on The Project.

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