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Can I take my scooter in the boot of my car?

Being able to fit a scooter in the boot of your car changes a lot. Instead of just using it to get around your neighbourhood, a portable mobility scooter opens up expeditions further afield.

You just have to be able to get it in your car.


Option 1: Fold-up Scooters Luggie Montage

The smallest and lightest mobility scooters can be collapsed down to a size that fits easily in a hatchback. Pictured below are the various configurations of the Freerider Luggie, and you can watch videos here and here of getting it in to the boot. 

Depending on the model and the weight, a hoist might be required. The Luggie has a two-stage lift, effectively halving the difficulty of lifting in to the boot. For models without this feature, you'll be required to lift the 20-30kg in one go. This can be too much for some, and a hoist is the only option. Watch a video of a hoist here.



Option 2: Detachable Scooters

Monarch Buzz collapsible scooter

Slightly larger, detachable scooters are also highly portable. The cost of this extra size, however, is a little inconvenience. Instead of 10 or 20 seconds of simple folding, detachable scooters require disassembly and reassembly of 5 or more components. None of the components is heavier than 14 kg, which means a hoist is almost never needed. The Monarch Buzz and Pride Go-Go are two of the more popular scooters in this category.



Option 3: Van, 4WD, Customised Vehicle, or Trailer.  Scooter ramp

The final option is to transport a large mobility scooter in a large vehicle or trailer. While most scooters can be disassembled to some extent (e.g. removal of the seat), the main body of the scooter is unavoidably heavy and large. Thus, a van or trailer with a ramp may be required. Vehicles specifically modified for wheelchairs or mobility scooters are also an option.