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Are Electric Scooters Safe?

It's a question often asked. In fact, according to ABS and other figures, electric scooters are one of the safest ways to get around. It's actually more dangerous travelling in a car or even walking as a pedestrian than it is to use a scooter.

It's probably because scooters are low to the ground, don't travel all that fast, and have fail safe braking technology. Almost all scooters can stop from full speed within their own length, or just a little more. The more sophisticated scooters even have an automatic slowing regulator when cornering.

Some steps can be made to make them even safer (see left box), and Scooters Australia has been urging the Federal Government to play its part in implementing some of these strategies.

Not only are they safe to ride, electric scooters are economical, pollution free, and when charged using Green Power, produce no greenhouse gases. So choosing to use a scooter instead of a car is just one small step that can help mitigate against global warming. And with "Peak Oil" just around the corner, higher fuel prices make using electic vehicles a lot more sense.

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How can safety be improved?

• Better footpaths and ramps
• Training for new scooter users
• Eliminate cheap imports that do not comply with TGA standards.

See our Safety Page for more information.