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Washable Face Mask With Inserts

Washable Face Mask With Inserts


Made in Taiwan.

Washable three layer face mask with additional cloth inserts for extra protection free of charge. This is not a throw-away single use surgical mask. It’s washable any number of times and the inserts can be washed gently. So it reduces landfill and saves on long term costs. The staff at Freerider (the manufacturer of the Luggie) use these at their factory and travelling to and from work. The mask prevents droplets from being exhaled by the user and provides protection for the people with whom you come into contact.

The mask itself has three layers:

  • Waterproof cloth material
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Cotton / synthetic inner layer

The inserts (not pictured) are a washable cloth fabric and can be used in addition to the mask for additional protection.

Please note: These masks are not intended for hospital or health care worker use.

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