Mobility scooters are easy to use, convenient, safe and economical. But it’s not easy to find the right one that suits you, especially when confronted with over 200 different models being sold in Australia!


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Ten tips to consider before buying: how to choose a scooter

We’ve developed ten buying tips that might help you decide on the right scooter for you, and an introductory brochure we can email you.

  1. Know where you want to travel and how far
  2. Are you wanting to transport your scooter or just use it locally?
  3. Is manoeuvrability important – are there some tight corners to get around?
  4. Which are stronger, your thumbs or your fingers?
  5. Where will you garage and charge your scooter?
  6. Do you want to carry any luggage or bags with you?
  7. Have you considered insurance for your scooter?
  8. Is your sight good at normal walking speed?
  9. What chair height is most comfortable when getting up or sitting down?
  10. Does anyone want to help you decide – and do you want them to help?

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What's the best scooter for me?

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How do scooters work?

Mobility scooters are one of the first consumer electric vehicles to be introduced since the electric cars of the early 20th Century. But times have changed since those days and mobility scooters are now at the forefront of advanced electric vehicle technology.

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Maureen from Melbourne, with her Luggie in Iceland.
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Are scooters safe?

Electric mobility scooters are one of the safest means of transport in the country. They are even safer than walking on the footpath! They’re easy to operate, travel at a modest speed and are low to the ground.

Accident rates are low, injury and death rates extremely low, and in NSW in 2011 more people died falling off chairs than through using a mobility scooter!

Research by Scooters Australia has shown that it’s far safer using a mobility scooter than driving a car, travelling as a passenger in a car, or walking on the footpath.

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