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Information for Occupational Therapists | Scooters Australia

Working with OTs to find the right solution for your client As an occupational therapist, it’s helpful to have a trusted mobility scooter supplier on …

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How to get a mobility scooter through the NDIS

The NDIS is a government funded insurance initiative, helping people under 65 with a disability and their carers receive the support, services and equipment they need …


NDIS and the ILC Helped me Find a Scooter – Peta

I am a participant in the NDIS due to limited mobility. I had seen a LUGGIE (portable mobility scooter) and asked my care planner and …

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NDIS Plans and Ongoing Costs – Don’t Forget Them

Joanne Mendes, Manager of the Scooters Australia Dandenong branch has been getting used to the NDIS and all its quirks. One issue pops up more than it should – people are forgetting to include ongoing costs in their NDIS plans, which has been coming back to bite them.

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NDIS Problems Addressed by CEO

NDIA CEO, David Bowen has admitted that there have been some problems with the NDIS implementation and while not exactly apologising, has committed the NDIA to improving their systems and operation. Here is what he says.

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