Coronavirus Mobility Scooter Update: July 2021

In light of the coronavirus crisis, Scooters Australia is implementing measures in line with WHO recommendations, to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.


All metropolitan Scooters Australia stores are open during lockdown. All stores follow the following procedures to ensure the safety of customers and staff during the Coronavirus lockdowns:

  • All scooters and wheelchairs are cleaned and sanitised before and after demonstrations

  • All staff washing hands after any interpersonal interaction. Masks worn at all times.

  • Only authorised people permitted in stores and must have masks fitted and hands sanitised.

  • All customers asked in advance about any recent travel or illness.

  • All product demonstrations to be contactless, with at least 1.5 m separation

  • Immediate closure of a store if any staff are suspected to have the infection, or to have come in contact with any customer who has the infection

We are committed to offering the same level of service through these difficult times while remaining as safe as possible.


  • Free delivery on on-line sales of Luggie scooters, sealed in the manufacturer’s box. Or use our click-and-collect scooters program to purchase on-line and collect from a participating store (ring 1300 622 633 to confirm).

  • Ordinarily, the only scooter we sell online is the Luggie. We are extending this to our entire mobility scooter range, but you will have to email us at for further instructions. These mobility scooters are also eligible for free delivery*.

  • Contactless delivery. You need not personally interact with any Scooters Australia staff if that is your choice. We will leave the items outside your house at a location of your choice

  • Contactless scooter service. We will pick up your scooter from outside your house and service it, and disinfect thoroughly before returning. Call on 1300 622 633. Store details can be found be found here.

If you require clarification on the details of any of these, feel free to call or email. There are resources online that can help in the unpackaging and set-up of your scooter.

Quality re-usable masks now available.

We are acting as an agent in Australia for a quality Taiwanese three layer fabric washable re-usable mask at a reasonable price. CLICK HER FOR MORE INFORMATION

What to expect from the future?

As things improve through the second half of 2021 we will continue our Covid procedures until there is an all-clear signal from all governments. Following that, we will keep up our sanitising and distance procedures into the future, as this will help continue to protect you and our staff from unnecessary and unwanted infection from any virus or illness.

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s to be far more vigilant with our hygiene and our interactions with each other.

Best wishes to everyone and their families.

Do not hesitate to call 1300 622 633 or email at for more information.

* Metropolitan areas only. Contact us for other arrangements.

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