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Scooters Australia was established in 1992 in Melbourne and Sydney and has since grown to have a presence in all states. We operate through both company owned stores and licensed dealerships. The original owners of the company are still at the helm (see below). We both import products ourselves, and act as distributors for other manufacturers.

Over the time we have been in the aged care mobility industry we have slowly reduced the range of products to those in which we have confidence, particularly in the area of reliability. In this sense, our purchasing (and selling) philosophy is not based on price alone, although you will find we have a very competitive pricing policy.

In all our stores, our most basic requirement is that the products we sell we will support. We will not let a customer purchase from us and not be protected by a fully backed warranty. “Fully backed” means that we insist on all stores being able to repair and service our products. In addition, most stores can also service other brands.

Over recent years, Scooters Australia has been awarded many accolades and awards, two of the most recent are noted below. We are a major supplier to State Government Health departments, major shopping centres like Westfield, AMP and Centro, the Melbourne City Council, major insurance companies, community groups, Lions, Rotary and many other organisations and companies in Australia. Head Office and Warehouse, Dandenong, Victoria



We have major stores in all capital cities and authorised dealers throughout the mainland. All major stores carry our full range and dealers carry a selection. Find our locations listed HERE.



The two owners of the company started the business in 1992 and are still at the helm. In this industry experience counts, and both Peter Fraser and Kelvin Blake have the experience of being involved in the mobility scooter industry since its infancy, when electric motorised scooters were not much more than glorified billy carts.


Kelvin Blake Scooters Australia Co-OwnerKelvin Blake

With a background in small business development, Kelvin started Scooters Australia in Melbourne late in 1991, with his wife Wendy (now the Melbourne Store Manager). Kelvin has always had a keen interest in developing the product range of the business, and with extensive international travel, has a wealth of experience with overseas trends and developments. His strong negotiating skills with overseas suppliers have ensured that the Company’s products maintain their reputation for both quality and market-ability. Kelvin is based in Victoria.




Peter Fraser Scooters Australia - Co-OwnerPeter Fraser (BA, BD, Dip Ed).

Peter was educated at Sydney University, majoring in Economics. Peter moved into the mobility industry after selling his interest in Australia's first entertainment transport company, which he established. At the time, the mobility scooters industry was the only industry specialising in electric vehicle transport. Peter’s interest is in marketing and in electric vehicles. Based in NSW, Peter’s role focuses on marketing.




OUR APPROACH TO BUSINESSSince opening the business in 1992 we have consistently focussed on quality. Some times this means a few of our products may be marginally more expensive than our competitors' similar products, and we make no apology for this when it happens. We know that, in this business, quality is very important because safety matters, and so does service. The video here shows how we pay attention to often small items that may affect the performance of a product once it is approved by us for shipment from the manufacturer. It's part of our quality control prior to approving a new product.



Scooters Australia is a member of the Assistive Technology Suppliers Association, the umbrella body of the industry. ATSA has a strict policy on integrity and ethical behaviour and Scooters Australia tries at all times to live up to this policy, part of which relates to secret commissions and gifts. Read  more about the policy here.

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