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There are two types of small portable mobility scooters:

• Folding scooters that unclip and fold up

• Collapsible scooters that pull apart into pieces

Both have their advantages and suit different applications.

Price range: $1750 - $4890.

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Monarch Buzz
Pride Go Go


Luggie: New Technology, New Opportunities*.


The highly engineered premium travel scooter from Freerider that folds up in less than a minute. See specifications here.
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Easy Fold

The Luggie folds easier than any other scooter, and its unique design makes it easier to transport in different configurations.
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3 easy steps

Fold the Luggie with three easy actions: drop the seat down; collapse the tiller; unclip the chassis to fold up. Nothing could be easier.
How to fold up the Luggie


Pull the Luggie like a travel case, or pack it in its own travel bag on wheels. Take it on a cruise, on a plane, or in a car and you’re ready to see the world!
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Ring 1300 622 633 to contact your nearest store, or FIND US HERE

Ring 1300 622 633 to contact your nearest store, or FIND US HERE

Monarch Buzz 3 & 4

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Buzz sideon white webBuzz pieces webLightweight collapsible portable mobility scooter that’s great for transport in the car boot. Unclips into 5 easy-to-handle lightweight pieces for transport. Both Buzz 3 and 4 wheelers are a great value for money budget scooter. Easy to drive, with simple to use controls and a very comfortable fully padded seat, they collapse for transport in the car boot in an instant - just unclip the sections. The four wheeler has a very good turning circle and plenty of leg room for such a compact scooter. It's safe and stable, and comes with the option of large or small batteries. The front basket is standard on both scooters. Several interchangeable colour panels allow for individual colour choice. See how the Buzz unclips here. And if you want that extra bit of luxury, the Buzz now comes with optional suspension!

See specifications here.

Ring 1300 622 633 to contact your nearest store, or FIND US HERE

Ring 1300 622 633 to contact your nearest store, or FIND US HERE


Pride GoGo web

Portable mobility scooter that breaks apart easily for transport. Stylish lightweight motorised scooter from Pride Mobility designed for the boot and indoor applications, especially shopping malls. Some flat outdoor use also a possibility with this scooter. Easy collapsible design without the need to undo any plugs. Comfortable plush seat. Very manoeuvrable, especially the three wheeler. Interchangeable colour panels for different moods, or just keep some to smarten the scooter up at a later date. Good battery level indicator. External scooter battery charger.
See specifications here.






* Note that our dealers will only service Luggie scooters that are listed on our data base with the correct serial number.